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Take Down The Santa Blanca Cartel


Salt Flats
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Play with your friends anytime, anywhere. Recruit some backup or join another Ghost's game and you'll maintain all your missions and character progression.

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When playing solo, you'll always have a team of 3 Ghosts providing you backup. Give them orders and they'll help you accomplish your missions in whatever way you choose.

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CUSTOMIZATION 101: Charactersmith

With hundreds of options, including gender, ethnicity, hair, clothing, tattoos, and gear, each player will be able to craft their own unique and remarkable Ghost. Discover everything you need to know about Charactersmith here.

08/17/201606:00 PM

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The Gunsmith is back in Tom’s Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Wildlands.

08/17/201606:00 PM

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The E3 2016 streams are live!

Lead Game Designer Dominic Butler and Narrative Director Sam Strachman went live during E3 to share more insights about the game

08/02/201609:00 AM

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New Component

In the shoes of the E3 2016 Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Star Players

Ubisoft Star Players get hands-on in the fight against the Santa Blanca drug cartel during E3 2016

07/28/201606:00 PM

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YouTubers Go Hands-On with Ghost Recon Wildands

At E3 2016, eight YouTube gaming stars got the chance to try out Ghost Recon Wildlands’ four-player cooperative action.

06/29/201609:00 AM

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Ghost Recon Wildlands is a huge open-world game, and it was playable for the first time at E3 2016.

06/23/201601:00 PM

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Become a ghost. decide how to engage.

Ghosts are not just a standard military unit. Made up of the best Special Forces veterans in the US military, this covert branch reports directly to Joint Special Operations Command. The Ghosts are deployed in conflict zones around the world to prevent crises with only their gear, their squad, and their wits. They don't follow strict orders, but decide for themselves how they'll take on each mission.

You Decide Who

Ghosts decide for themselves what kind of operative they want to be. Whether they specialize in covert intelligence gathering or high-impact demolitions, how they survive and get the job done is up to them.

You Decide What

Forget your uniforms and standard issue gear. Ghosts are given access to the military's newest and most powerful tech, and they decide what weapons or tools to bring to the field.

You Decide How

Once they've identified a target, the Ghosts have the freedom to take them down however they choose. A covert intel-gathering mission can just as easily begin as an all-out firefight; anything is fair game if it leads to a successful mission.


Your Vehicles

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Head of Trafficking | La Reina de la Belleza

Trafficking Operation

The Trafficking operation controls the packing and transporting of the Santa Blanca's final product within Bolivia and internationally. Their main infrastructures include processing plants, shipping stations, railways and airports.

Nidia Bio
  • NAME: Nidia Flores
  • AGE: 39
  • KNOWN ALIAS: "La Reina de la Belleza" (The Beauty Queen)
  • ROLE: Head of Trafficking Operation

Nidia lived through a violent and traumatic childhood. She became a Beauty Queen at 18 and started dating narcos, using them to rise through the organization. She uses her beauty and her wit to make sure the Santa Blanca’s product is delivered safely.

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Leader of the Cartel | El Sueño

El Sueño Bio

El Sueño left his village at 11 to become a sicario, telling people he wouldn’t come back until he became king. He is rumored to have spoken to Santa Muerte in an awakening. While his tattoos seem to attest to his faith, it is unclear whether he is a true believer or master manipulator. Brutal and religious, he’s a brilliant leader. El Sueño instills loyalty in those he meets and fear in those who oppose him.

  • AGE: 42
  • KNOWN ALIAS: El Sueno
  • ROLE: Leader of the Santa Blanca Cartel

Brutal and religious, he’s a brilliant leader. Insightful, reflective, El Sueño instills loyalty in those he meets and fear in those who oppose him.

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Head of Influence | El Cardenal

Influence Operation

The Influence operation takes care of the Santa Blanca cartel's recruitment and public image. They use religion and education to influence civilans. Its main infrastructures include churches, monasteries and sanctuaries.

El Cardenal Bio
  • NAME: Gustavo Serrano
  • AGE: 68
  • KNOWN ALIAS: El Cardenal
  • ROLE: Preacher of the Santa Blanca Cartel, Head of Influence Operation

El Cardenal was excommunicated by the Catholic Church for preaching forbidden cults. This caused him to lose everything, until the Santa Blanca cartel gave his life new meaning. El Sueño invited him to join the cartel, give sermons in Santa Blanca churches, and manage the public image of the organization.

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