Ghost Recon Wildland is one of Ubisoft's biggest open world yet

18/08/2015 05:14 PM

Taking on a huge, cartel-controlled open-world might be the most ambitious step the Ghost Recon series has ever taken, and the development team are taking pains to put our own twist on the concept.

Flying over the Bolivia of Ghost Recon Wildlands in a helicopter is a great way to get a sense for just how vast it is. Its scenery stretches to the horizon, with little villages appearing even tinier against the backdrop of huge mountain ranges and broad swaths of desert.


Activity erupts sporadically below; friendly rebels fight with cartel goons, drug factories are tagged as potential targets, llamas stand around outside villages. This is the biggest open world to ever be used in an Ubisoft action-adventure game, and it fills all that space with a huge variety of objectives, terrain types, and spontaneous events.

Rather than falling back on scripted missions and linear events, Ghost Recon Wildlands aims to be truly open, giving players complete freedom to decide how to fight their covert war against the Santa Blanca, the cartel that’s turned a near-future Bolivia into a corrupt narco-state.

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