Customize Your Ghost and Gear

Forget your uniforms and standard issue gear -- in Ghost Recon Wildlands you’ll choose exactly what kind of special operative you want to be. You’ll begin your journey in the Wildlands by deciding who you are and picking the gear you want to bring into the field.

When creating your character, you’ll have the ability to customize your gender, facial features, hairstyle, tattoos, and much more. You’ll gain access to a wide range of clothing, tactical gear, and accessories to give your Ghost a personalized look. You can hunt down the cartel in full tactical gear or use civilian clothing if you prefer the style of the Bolivian locals. With the ability to tweak every piece of your outfit, and billions of available combinations, how you look is up to you.

Choose Your Loadout

As an elite squad with access to the latest military tech, the Ghosts decide what weapons or tools to bring to the field. Choosing what guns to add to your loadout will let you engage with your targets any way you like. Whether you prefer to go unseen with long-range rifles and silenced handguns, or break down the front door with assault rifles and shotguns, the Ghosts’ true-to-life arsenal will give you the tools you’ll need for the job.

And you’ll do more than simply choose your firearm – all firearms in the game are fully customizable, allowing you to swap out attachments to tweak various attributes of your weaponry. The in-game gunsmith allows you to swap out optics, muzzles, magazines, stocks, and much more, all of which will affect the performance of your weapon. You’ll be able to tweak your firearm’s noise, accuracy, damage, rate of fire, range, handling, and penetration, giving you total control over how you approach your missions.

You’ll also customize the appearance of your weapons with camouflage and paint options, giving you even more control over your operative’s style.

Pick Your Transport

The Santa Blanca Cartel has roots all across the Bolivian landscape, and your squad will need to choose how to traverse the country’s winding roads and off-road terrain. You’ll encounter a wide variety of vehicles on your mission across the Wildlands, and you’ll be able to get behind the wheel of every vehicle your squad comes across.

Ghost Recon Wildlands offers more than 60 vehicles for all types of terrain. You’ll be able to traverse land in Buggies, Pickups, Motorbikes, and more, or you can take to sea and air with multiple types of boats and aircraft. You might even find rare vehicles such as Supercars and military-grade transports to aid in your mission against the cartel.


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