Meet the Ghosts | Part 2

11/03/2016 09:00 AM

We introduced you to Nomad, team leader, and Holt, engineer, in our first article. Now it’s time to meet the other two pillars of the legendary Ghosts, the Elite Special Operations team made of the best of the US military forces.
If their work is done well, the Ghosts won’t be more than a rumor shared between the terrified enemy forces. They belong in the shadows, and they don’t seek recognition for their acts. The Ghosts are professional military veterans who work as a team in extremely hostile environments, with total freedom to reach their objectives.
Let’s discover a little bit more about the rest of the squad that will join you during your dangerous trip to Bolivia. It’s time to meet Midas, the Assault Ghost who will provide cover fire during the most intense frays, and Weaver, the silent sniper who will always have your back.   

    If you want to know more about their design, check out our fan kit 2.0 for official cosplay guidelines!  

 Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Wildlands will allow you to fully customize your character to make this experience your own. The following archetypes will be available as support companions during single-player sessions. For more information about Charactersmith, please visit our dedicated article.

The Ghosts 





If things go wrong and you are caught in crossfire, Sergeant First Class Midas is the partner you want by your side. He’s not only a skilled mechanic and a vehicles specialist, he’s equipped with some seriously heavy weaponry, making him the perfect choice for intense assaults.

Born in San Diego, California, Rubio Delgado grew up in a religious family. He has strong Latin-American roots, as his father was originally from Honduras and his mother was born in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Rubio almost became a priest, but he decided to leave the seminary and join the army, where he became a Ranger specializing in Military Intelligence. His deep knowledge of Latin America helped him during operations in Colombia, Peru, and El Salvador. His career achievements led to his position with the Ghosts at age 29.
Loud, boisterous, and aggressive, Midas is in a constant state of unrest. His deep religious roots make him the most emotional member of the team; he tends to care a little bit too much about everything. He feels like he’s being driven by a higher power, and regularly attends church and gives spiritual counseling to fellow soldiers. He’s happily married with four kids and he’s been Holt’s best friend for ten years.
Midas is an expert in Latin American politics and culture, which gives him a unique insight into the drug trafficking of the region.





Master Sergeant Coray Ward, also known as Weaver, is a scholar armed with a sniper rifle. He takes down enemies silently and efficiently, never giving away his position. They say a single bullet can turn a battle around, and Weaver knows it far too well.
Coray Ward was born 34 years ago in Trenton, New Jersey. He excelled in his studies from an early age and graduated magna cum laude from Princeton before joining the Navy. He was accepted into DEVGRU and during this time he mastered his impressive aiming skills, serving multiple tours as a combat sniper. Weaver received numerous medals and accolades for various missions, including one for a confirmed 2,210-meter sniper kill. He became a Ghost at 30.
Due to his higher education, Weaver acts and talks like a professor, though he tries to downplay his sophistication and doesn’t like to stand out. Conservative in his beliefs but libertarian at heart, he avoids talking politics with his teammates. He’s currently undergoing a difficult divorce, and counsels veterans suffering from PTSD when he’s not deployed. He has a strong friendship with Nomad, making him the first person selected for the team.
Weaver considers the Cartel to be a terrorist group and believes stopping them is a matter of national security.




Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands will be available March 7, 2017, on PlayStation®4 system, Xbox One, and PC.
Stay tuned for more information about Weaver and Midas in the upcoming weeks! Don’t forget to join the conversation on our official forums and Reddit.


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