Beyond March 7: The Post-Launch Recap of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands

02/03/2017 06:00 PM

With less than a week until launch, now seems like a good time to update you on the post-launch plans for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands. Much awaits you after March 7! You can already check out the new season pass trailer below for a look at some of the exclusive content on the way:

Let’s dive into the different topics in chronological order!

1. Game Updates

Over the past month, we ran closed and open beta phases during which we were able, for the very first time, to put the game in your hands. We gathered a lot of feedback during these two events, some of which will be addressed in the game’s day one patch. However, our work does not stop there: we will keep evaluating your feedback and improving your experiences through the numerous game updates in the months to come.

2. Ghost Recon Network and Ghost Recon HQ

As a reminder, the Ghost Recon Network is the game’s official community platform, where you can create your Ghost profile and find your in-game statistics. More importantly, you will be able to find friends and create or join a Task Force to plan game sessions with other players sharing the same motivations. You can click here to access the Ghost Recon Network right away.

The Ghost Recon HQ is the game’s official companion app, and can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android tablets and phones. The companion app can serve as a second-screen experience both in solo and co-op if you synchronize it with your game, as the TacMap will be seamlessly broadcast through the app. You can also play in Guerilla mode to help the Rebellion and unlock Resources, which you can then use in the main game to further your progression. It also contains exclusive information about Bolivia and the characters you will meet in the game.

Even though both the Ghost Recon Network and the Ghost Recon HQ are already available for free today, both will be your keys to the game’s community in the years to come. Finding the right players to play with and having the latest news on the game automatically pushed through the app will ensure you’ll be at the forefront of anything and everything Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands!

3. Challenges

The very first Season of Challenges will start a few weeks after launch. Each Season uses a specific theme, creating a short story to follow. For a month and a half, you will be tasked each week with different objectives, some of which need to be accomplished in solo, with others through your Task Force and through the entire community. If you manage to complete these different Challenges, various rewards will be unlocked for all participants.

Stay tuned for more information very soon on the first Season. Spoiler alert: the theme will concern a certain military faction working for the corrupt government…

4. Unlockable Content and Store

Players of the closed and open beta who play the full version of the game before March 31 will be able to access the Unidad Conspiracy exclusive add-on content in April. This will grant access to a set of new missions in the province of Media Luna, in which the Ghosts will have to go after a mysterious Unidad captain, El Comandante. All season pass owners will also be granted this content when it releases in the month of April.

Players who want to enjoy the Peruvian Connection add-on content still have a few days left to pre-order the game and get it when the game releases. It is also part of the season pass for those of you who might want to get it later!

Throughout the life of the game, you’ll also be able to have access to exclusive weapons and even more customization options for your character, your gear, and your vehicles. This optional content can be purchased in the Store, in exchange for credit packs. Most of this new content is purely cosmetic, with new exotic weapons that will always be balanced with the gear that can be found in-game. Our goal with these items is to provide more options to players who wish to customize their experience further, both in solo and co-op.

5. DLC 1: Narco Road


The game’s first major expansion will give you the full spectrum of narco life, as you tear through Bolivia using new vehicles in a series of fast-paced missions. Expect to face the most insane adversaries as you infiltrate three smuggling gangs and take out their leaders one by one until you reach the mastermind: El Invisible.

Along with its more eccentric tone, this new adventure will include more than a dozen new missions across four provinces, new vehicles, new weapons skins, and side activities, with everything being entirely playable in solo and in four-player co-op. Season pass owners will be able to access this paid content one week early.

Expect more news on Narco Road as we get closer to its launch date!

6. DLC 2: Fallen Ghosts


With Fallen Ghosts, get ready for your Spec Ops skills to be put to the test! After your chopper is shot down during an evacuation mission, your squad will be forced to adapt as you are tracked down by Los Extranjeros, an elite group of ruthless mercenaries. Fortunately, new weapons and skills will help you and your friends find the strength to escape! As with Narco Road, season pass owners will be able to access this paid content one week early.

7. PvP

Last but definitely not least, it is now official: Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands will feature an adversarial mode!

You can expect some intense battles, as you will be pitted against other squads of four Ghosts. More information is coming in the upcoming months, but one thing is for sure: the adversarial mode will be available a few months after launch as a free update for all players!


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