Questions and Answers with the Dev Team

24/05/2017 05:00 PM

Hello Ghosts,

On behalf of the development team, we would like to thank you for the 150+ questions you sent us regarding Ghost Recon Wildlands. As promised, our Senior Producer, Nouredine Abboud and Creative Director, Eric Couzian, sat with the community team to answer them, alongside other members of the dev team:

- Vincent Delassus – Art Director;
- Sam Strachman – Narrative Director;
- Tom Isaksen – Lead Character Artist;
- Mihai Zorca – Technical Director;
- Manu Bachet – Music Supervisor
- Benjamin Dumaz – Narco Road & Fallen Ghosts Content Director;
- Lucas Bonan – Live associate producer;
- Vivien Cauhépé - Live Specialist;
- Matthew Tomkison - Senior Game Designer;
- Charles Cler – Game designer;
- Emma Delage – Community Developer

To begin with, we are happy to share with you a roadmap of content for the coming months:


As you can see, summer will be quite busy for the dev team. We have the pleasure to announce the introduction of a new game mode that will come with the next game update. This new mode will allow you to surpass the Level 30 maximum and enjoy the game with an increased difficulty and new rewards. We will share more details with you as soon as we are ready. Stay tuned!

Moreover, as many of you had questions about PvP, the only thing we can say for now is that you will get more news about this free update during the summer. We are currently thinking about our delivery plan and will share the details with you in due time. As a reminder, players will be able to face each other in a 4v4 battle mode. Here again, stay tuned!

Let us now cover the rest of your questions. Some of them had to be rephrased as they were asked by several community members, or translated from other languages to English. Also, as some of your questions asked us to reveal elements that will be communicated later, we have not been able to answer everything, but we did our best. Moreover, even if some of your suggestions are not part of our development plans, be sure we keep them in mind. Thank you for your understanding.

You can click on the links below to jump directly to a section:

- General questions
- In-game content
- Live Season Challenges
- Narco Road & Fallen Ghosts
- Vehicles
- AI
- Weapons
- Gameplay
- Customization
- User Interface
- Narration and music
- Ghost Recon Network
- Communication with the players
- Bugs and issues


- How do you play the game (e.g. massive firepower, stealthily, night-time only, etc.)? (from Shadow_Pilot on reddit)

Nouredine Abboud: What I love with GRW is that I can play the game the way I want, when I want. What I mean by that is that I can play one mission stealthily, then the next one all guns blazing, then support my teammates… We worked hard to deliver this sandbox experience, and I'm personally happy because I can play it this way myself. And even if I know the game, I can keep replaying it and experimenting with the game mechanics.

- What part of the game are you most proud of? (from Spartan543210 on reddit)

Nouredine Abboud: The co-op. Being able to play the whole game in co-op, with your friends or with strangers…with this massive map and full freedom of choice. I'm still amazed we were able to deliver this game, it's a dream come true!

Eric Couzian: The freedom of choice. Being able to complete your mission the way you want in a massive open world, allowing you a total freedom of exploration and the choice of your targets.

- Are there any things that were scrapped you wish made it to the full game, or is there anything about the game you think could be improved upon more? (from Spartan543210 on reddit)

Nouredine Abboud: Most of what we had in mind is in the game. However, of course we can always do more. That's why we work hard to improve all the content of the game, bring DLCs, a new difficulty mode, events… and of course the PVP. Be ready, it's coming!

- How would you rate the replayability of your game? (rephrased - from AlphaBlueLight and Grrrenouille on the forums)

Nouredine Abboud: This game is all about freedom. You can play, replay and even start from scratch and you will still find new content. We believe the replay value of this game is huge because we do not use scripts and offer situations where the game adapts to the way you play. We are always excited to see how players experiment with each camp and mission to find new ways to approach them.


- What are your plans to cater to the people who have supported the series for years with real mil-sim oriented content as opposed to the casual audience? (from DrWiki0074 on the forums)

Nouredine Abboud: Our objective with Ghost Recon Wildlands was to leverage all the heritage of the Ghost Recon series and create a game that delivers the experience in a new way. We believe mil-sim fans will enjoy our upcoming expansion Fallen Ghosts, and the new difficulty mode which we will talk about later.

Are there going to be any more "mini DLCs" like the Peruvian Connection, Unidad Conspiracy, or El Yeti? (from arod175 on Twitter)

Lucas Bonan: The Peruvian Connection and Unidad Conspiracy ULCs were part of the Season Pass. We are not planning on adding more content to the Season Pass , however more events like the Yeti could happen in the future through the weekly challenges.

- Any chance on implementing random events, such as saving civilians? (from MulloMadness on Twitter)

Lucas Bonan: We are not planning to add new side missions to the main game. The events we will add will be through the weekly challenges.

- With the game whether played solo or coop the story does eventually come to an end and DLC's such as Narco Road and the upcoming Fallen Ghosts will only have so much longevity, are there plans for a Wildlands 2 or will there be a year 2 season pass with more DLC? (from SuicideShadow on the forums)

Nouredine Abboud: We are excited to hear that fans want to see more content. However, we are unable to answer this question at this time.

- Any gameplay changes in the future? (from Clemza93 on the forums)

Nouredine Abboud: We have spent five years developing Ghost Recon Wildlands and iterating on the gameplay ever since, through playtests, community workshops and our own experience with the previous Ghost Recon games. We are not planning to implement dramatic gameplay changes for Wildlands. Now that the game has launched, our focus is on polishing and bug fixing, as well as major updates such as the two new modes we talked about earlier.

- Are season pass holders going to get anything after Fallen Ghosts? (from AstralSailor or Reddit)

Nouredine Abboud: The Season Pass not only contains Narco Road and Fallen Ghosts, but also exclusive content such as several Ghosts packs, an exclusive vehicle, currency pack and a permanent xp booster, as well as the Peruvian Connection and Unidad Conspiracy sets of missions. We are not planning to add new content to it.

- Are there any plans to add a photo mode in the game? (from ZeBouchon2 on Twitter)

Vincent Delassus: The PC version of the game allows you to take beautiful screenshots with Nvidia Ansel and we are very impressed with the creativity of the community. We will not implement a photo mode in Wildlands, however we are keeping this suggestion in mind.

- What about implementing some Class oriented skills that will help players out there who don't want to be a jack of all trades and want to focus on the way they like to engage the enemy and be rewarded for it? (rephrased - from DrWiki0074 on the forums)

Eric Couzian: One of the key element for Ghost Recon Wildlands is “freedom of choice”. By opening the world and the gameplay, we also offered a total freedom of choice to the players. You can engage the mission the way you want and that is why we decided not to go with a class system like in the previous games. The skill tree allows you to specialize and be the Ghost you want to be.

- Are there any plans to raise the level cap past 30, and any perks to being above that? (rephrased - from Gorgamorph and euhvoyonsvoir on twitter and the forums)

Nouredine Abboud: Our upcoming new difficulty mode will address your question. More news about this as soon as possible


- The weekly Challenges are great, how long will they be available in the game and will the rewards get better over time? (from PrettyBoy0683 on twitter)

Lucas Bonan: Glad to know you like the weekly challenges! The challenges reset every week. Please read our dedicated article for more info. We are working on an improved Season 2 and will let you know in due time.

- Will there ever be a mission editor for people who want to take a more military oriented approach to setting and completing missions? (from DrWiki0074 on the forums)

Nouredine Abboud: We currently do not have plans to create a mission editor. However, our next Live Season Challenges should be more elaborate, and we are thinking about a way to include the players in our design process.

- Are you going to introduce random missions into the game? Why not with random game changer (night, storm, no HUD, ect ...) (from Clemza93 and Fancesco270, Twigs_Dee on the forums and reddit)

Eric Couzian: We are not planning to add more missions to the main game. Moreover, there are technical constraints linked to the structure of our open world that prevent us from adding random game changers. Our next Live Season Challenges will however allow us to put more conditions to the missions.

- Since we already found "El Yeti" is it safe to confirm that the Yeti Hunt is over? Or is there more? (from CarbonMeister on twitter)

Lucas Bonan: If you already have completed this week's challenge, then yes, the hunt is over. We hope you liked this easter egg we added to the game following community conversations. :)


- Could you share the development team’s vision behind Narco Road? (rephrased - from Twigs_Dee, Jusduren, Duncan 101 on the forums)

Benjamin Dumaz: For Narco Road, the vision of the Montpellier development team was to broaden mission diversity and to introduce new missions unlike anything that had been seen in the main game. There is a lot of new stuff to see and do, including spying, infiltration, escort, and smuggling, along with a strong cast of bad guys you can call your friends…before taking their crowns.

In our mind, Narco Road was designed to be a Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon game, offering an immersive team-based military shooter experience. But we also wanted to explore a different tone. Narco Road is a love letter to action movies. With references such as Point Break, Fast & Furious, The Rock, and Speed, as well as Clear and Present Danger and Red October, we wanted to pay homage to classics of the 1990s and 2000s. We wanted to share our passion with players and open the game to fresh experiences while also keeping the promise of the game alive: freedom of choice.

In Narco Road, you have the freedom to go wherever you want and complete missions in any order. It’s up to you to infiltrate the cartel your way. To create your own story. To use the weapons of your choice, whether that’s a new rifle or a sports car.

- Will there be AI companions in the Fallen Ghosts DLC? (from @barterprince on Twitter)

Benjamin Dumaz: Fallen Ghosts is rooted in Wildland’s squad gameplay, so the AI teammates are back.

- Also will we be seeing integration of new enemies, clothing, weapons, skills from Fallen Ghosts to the main game? (rephrased - from Clemza93, jetMFset, Jusduren, Clemza93, AstraPilots, Magsmp31, LaMOI, Tentative69, Mullomadness, Twoshoes22, Kai Emet, and AlphaBlueLight on the forums, reddit and twitter)

Benjamin Dumaz: Due to the structure of the expansions and the main game, this is not planned. The vision behind the Ghost Recon Wildlands expansions was to offer a new take on the original Wildlands approach in a separate experience. Narco Road puts you in the action movies scene, while Fallen Ghosts is dedicated to more hardcore gameplay in a tense atmosphere.


- Are you planning on improving the flying vehicle controls? (rephrased - from Thundercall, Kai_Emet, GiveMeTactical, Gratiano25 and Twigs_Dee on the forums)

Eric Couzian: We know some players requested that we improve our vehicle controls. Since launch, a part of the dev team has been working on improving the flying vehicle controls. We are excited to reveal that we will be able to implement new control options in a future patch.

- Will we be getting a larger selection of choice of vehicle drops from the Rebels? (from Twigs_Dee on the forums)

Nouredine Abboud: At the moment, you can drop three types of vehicles (two land vehicles and a helicopter), plus the vehicles you may have bought as ULC or in the store with the rebels. If we look at our current game improvement plan, we consider that the current selection of vehicles is enough and are not planning to add more vehicles to the selection.


- Could you share more about the logic behind the teammate AI? (rephrased - from AlphaBlueLight, Gratiano25, Clemza93 and euhvoyonsvoir on the forums)

Charles Cler: The AI teammate design keyword is “adaptability”. We wanted the player to be the real leader of the operations, with the AI adapting to his or her playstyle. Our challenge was then to design an AI capable of supporting all the different playstyle a player could use, while being adaptable enough to change its behavior at the same time as the player does...all of this in an open world environment. For instance, if you are starting with a stealth approach and change to an all-out attack, your teammates have to adapt almost instantly. Finding the right balance required a lot of iteration and playtests that helped us design the rules of the teammate AI behaviour.

- Could we have the option to disable team AI or control them? (rephrased - from LaMOI and GiveMeTactical on the forums)

Eric Couzian: In Ghost Recon Wildlands, the Ghosts are a 4-people elite Special Operation team sent behind enemy lines. This is part of the game’s fantasy, so we are not planning to disable the teammate AI or let the player control them.

- When we get spotted by enemies, why did you not create realistic enemy alerts like an enemy yelling 'Alarma!'? (rephrased - from AlphaBlueLight on the forums)

Matthew Tomkinson: Using the voice of enemies can be efficient sometimes, but also repetitive. We wanted detection to be super clear and instant for the player and this is why we went for a sound instead of voices.


- Will we get some new weapons or attachments? (rephrased - from Its_MeHenry, ehaugw, Joe874 on twitter and the forums)

Mihai Zorca: Ghost Recon Wildlands already offers more than 50 weapons and more than 100 different attachments, allowing millions and millions of combinations. We are not planning on adding new weapons or attachments to the main game.

- Are you planning on reviewing and fixing the ballistic/recoil/etc? (rephrased - from AlphaBlueLight, ehaugw, VOCALOID12 and Gratiano25 on the forums)

Mihai Zorca: We work closely with our partners from the Ubi Authenticity team at RedStorm Entertainment to provide you with the most authentic weapons and attachments possible. The Ubi Authenticity team is in touch with several weapon manufacturer who help us guarantee this authenticity, and in that sense, we are not planning to modify the characteristics of the weapons. For more information about our work on authenticity, don’t hesitate to watch our dedicated video.

- Are you guys going to add zeroing to the game? (from Citty1337 on twitter)

Mihai Zorca: When we developed the weapons, we put most of our efforts on providing you a realistic bullet drop feeling. We are not planning to add zeroing to the game.


Many of you requested new gameplay features such as using ropes for rappel, having a FPS view when laying down…the community team regularly shares these requests to the development team. Regarding these two previous requests, the development team studied them but are not planning to add these features to the main game.

- Could there be a visual option to change the gameplay to like it was in the E3 2015 trailer? Almost like a realistic visuals mode mod (from VOCALOID12 on the forums)

Nouredine Abboud: At E3 2015, the game was in its pre-alpha stage. Some elements of the game were still work in progress, and it is thanks to playtests, community workshops and constant iteration that we went with the game the way it is now.

- Are there any plans to allow players to unequip purchased abilities; ie the night thermal? (from Gorgamorph on Twitter)

Eric Couzian: As we consider that once a Ghost has acquired a skill, he or she is not supposed to forget it, this is not a planned feature.

- Can we have corpses that stays on the ground, and gets removed only when NPCs are respawning in the same area? If so, please make us able to move the corpses. (rephrased - from ehaugw, euhvoyonsvoir, AlphaBlueLight, paulk56 on the forums)

Eric Couzian: We iterated a lot on respawn rules and moving bodies. It appeared during playtests that respawn made the game too frustrating for the players, and so we made the decision to make corpses disappear when players are far enough and are not looking directly at them to avoid frustrating stealth breaker.

- It feels like some animations are missing, such as stealth eliminations from behind. Could you please explain why? (rephrased – from AlphaBlueLight on the forums)

Nouredine Abboud: When we decided to make Ghost Recon Wildlands a massive open world, we looked at all the content we had and had to make tough decisions about what to improve, what to keep and what to kill. Some things that made sense in the previous Ghost Recon games would have limited the new open approach. For this specific move, we understand the impact it had on style, but we also believe we need a specific pacing to make the open-world fun.

- Are you planning to add night vision goggles on the Ghosts? (rephrased - from AlphaBlueLight on the forums)

Eric Couzian: We saw that many of you asked for this feature. As Nouredine explained in his answer above, this is part of the hard decisions we had to make. In that sense, we are not planning to add night vision goggles on the Ghosts, but are definitely taking notes about this.

- In coop, it should be game over if you fail to revive someone. If you don't make it by default, how about making it optional? (from ehaugw on the forums)

Eric Couzian: We could have done that, but this would have prevented players to make tactical choices such as an attack coming from every side of the camp without suffering the loss of a player that would have been too far away to be revived. It was a very nice idea on paper, but would have proved to be very frustrating in game.

- Why don't we have the same cover system we had in Ghost Recon Future Soldier? (rephrased - from AlphaBlueLight on the forums)

Eric Couzian: The reality of the Wildlands map actually restrains a lot the way you can implement a cover system. With Ghost Recon Wildlands, we did not want to assist the players in their move from cover to cover. We wanted them to feel the real tension of the special operations who need to think of a strategy before taking action, rather than improvise during a fight.

- When parachuting, why can't we use our weapon before landing? (rephrased - from AlphaBlueLight on the forums)

Eric Couzian: Simply because the classical way of controlling your parachute is with both hands. Failing your landing could hinder the rest of the mission.

- Why choose an RPG mechanic for a tactical shooter? (rephrased – from AlphaBlueLight on the forums)

Eric Couzian: The game itself is skill-based, which means that the RPG progression does not prevent you from being tactical. On the contrary, it is your own skills that will help you complete your missions.

- When down, why can’t the player move around, see the surroundings or go to cover? (rephrased – from AlphaBlueLight on the forums)

Eric Couzian: We wanted the "player down" status to be a real stake. If we had let the player move around, this would have created a tactical advantage as the player could seize this opportunity to help his friends whereas he or she is supposed to be down. We did not want to encourage that.


- Will you ever add Tachanka's helmet to GRW? (from GrandPlatypus on the forums)

Vivien Cauhépé: We will think about it. :)

- Are you planning to have the vehicles/AI teammates be customizable? (rephrased - from PrettyBoy0683, Kingbankai, Magsmp31, Twigs_Dee and iimadmanii on Twitter and the forums)

Lucas Bonan: The community team has already shared those feature requests with us, but these are not part of our current development plan.

- Will we be able to use piece of clothing coming from outfit packs separately? (rephrased - from Solokiller, Grimm3739 and AlwayshaveBen on the forums and Twitter)

Vivien Cauhépé We are aware of this request, however because of the way we developed them, you cannot use pack outfits separately.

- Any plans to add preset loadouts? Equipment, weapons, clothing and camos at a click of a button (from Twigs_Dee on the forums)

Tom Isaksen For now, you can already save up to 6 preset outfits. We are not planning to add your equipment to the preset details.

- Why are the shirts so much darker than the pants? (from Delta_Assault on the forums)

Tom Isaksen: Nice catch! Basically, our detail maps have different effect on the brightness of our clothing, so in cases where different types of fabric have been used for tops and pants you get a different overall tone. We are aware of this issue and working on a fix.

- Are you guys gonna be adding sniper wraps for skins at all? (from TraceyDG98 on the forums)

Tom Isaksen: This is a nice suggestion but is not part of our current development plans.

- Why can't we customize the individual parts on the weapons that have the metal colored skins? (from PrettyBoy0683 on Twitter)

Mihai Zorca: Our main goal from the get go has been to provide users with a high degree of authenticity. With this in mind, we chose to restrict some visual customization choices so that the resulting color combinations would look as legit as possible.

- Any plans or hints we will be getting berets (Green Please!) and bloused boots for our Ghost? (from Templar_Snake on the forums)

Vivien Cauhépé The only thing we can tell you for now is that we will be able to add one of the two you suggested. ;)


- Could we have the HUD coded in a script language like LUA, so programmers can code HUD AddOns? (from ehaugw on the forums)

Matthew Tomkison: This is a nice suggestion, but as we use a proprietary UI technology, this would require quite an overhaul. Sorry but we won’t be able to answer positively to your request.

- As you allowed us to do parachuting, why did you not add an altimeter on the screen? (rephrased - from AlphaBlueLight on the forums)

Matthew Tomkison: We actually considered it at some point, like plenty of other indicators. However, during production, we had to keep in mind not to crowd the interface too much. Even if we understand some players could want to display it, altitude appeared as secondary to us.

- Any chance of tweaking the controls on console? (from Azerach on reddit)

Matthew Tomkison: : It is true that you can only tweak keyboard mapping, and that's why we offered a variety of customizable options on consoles, including the UI, but we currently have no plans for mapping the controls outside of PC. However, first party consoles have an integrated feature that lets you map the controls to suit your gaming tastes.


- Would you have liked to add more events in the game’s story to add more depth to the storyline? (rephrased - from AlphaBlueLight on the forums)

Sam Strachman: This is a great question. When we started the game several years ago we definitely had plans for much more content than what ended up in the final game. But since game development is an iterative process, it’s only natural that some of what was written didn’t make it into the final game. This included a number of characters and storylines. This isn’t always a bad thing, though, since the streamlining process is necessary to focus on what’s most important to players. For us, that was the freedom to play co-op with your friends, no matter where they are in the story, without breaking the flow.

- The story of the game is told through videos talking from the narcos’ point of view. We have end of mission cinematics with the Ghosts and Bowman, but why did you choose to put the narcos more in the spotlight than the Ghosts? (rephrased - from AlphaBlueLight on the forums)

Sam Strachman: One of our goals very early on was to try to show as many possible perspectives in the world as we could, as it relates to the ‘War on Drugs’. For this reason, we really wanted to see certain moments through the eyes of the cartel. Additionally, we hoped these videos would add an optional layer of narration without breaking the flow of the coop experience. We called this system ‘opt-in storytelling’ or ‘narration-on-demand’. The idea was that it was in the player’s hands to decide how much they wanted to explore the characters and their background, without ever forcing them to sit through long cinematics or forced, scripted moments.

- What elements do you think you could have added to the scenario to improve the dramatic atmosphere of the game? (rephrased - from AlphaBlueLight on the forums)

Sam Strachman: There’s certainly a lot we would have liked to add. One area we always felt was lacking was the perspective of the civilians of Bolivia. We tried to do this through the missions and some of the Bolivian characters the player encounters but it definitely would have been interesting to interact with the civilians on a larger scale.

Eric Couzian: There are two elements I would have liked to improve. The first one was to emphasize what it is like to survive behind enemy lines as a Ghost. The second one is the notion of “Grey Zone”: nothing is all black or white. The non-linear structure of the game may have made it difficult for some players to get that grey zone feeling.

- [SPOILER ALERT] A CIA agent bombing an American embassy… could you please tell us more about the reason behind that? How plausible can this be? (rephrased - from AlphaBlueLight on the forums)

Sam Strachman: While I can’t really comment on the real CIA or DEA, the intention for this story moment was part of our overall theme of the game. For us, it was always about characters being forced to choose between their jobs and what they love most. Even many of the cartel characters are forced to choose between the cartel and their families. For DEA Agent Ricky Sandoval, he becomes so desperate to stop the Santa Blanca Cartel that he sacrifices everything to make that happen. (These events are also depicted in the short film War Within the Cartel). In turn, the Ghosts are sent on a mission only to discover that everything they’ve been doing is the result of a lie. Additionally, Sandoval’s actions result in Bowman being forced to make a similar choice.

- Will the new narco-subs have bathrooms? (from Jan-x on the forums)

Sam Strachman: Last time we heard Nidia, she was still negative about this.

- Why are the rebels bringing a logistical support to the Ghosts, whereas they are inferior in numbers and unequipped? (rephrased – AlphaBlueLight on the forums)

Eric Couzian: The Ghosts are sent alone behind enemy lines. It is indeed a very risky bet to rely on the rebels, but the Ghosts have no choice but to trust them, even if it’s against their rules. They often mention it in their conversations by the way.

- How do you select the music for the game and determine what music will be used for an action sequence or a more contemplative one? (rephrased - from AlphaBlueLight on the forums)

Manu Bachet: We had several objectives with the music: sublimate the world and the game universe; convey the stakes of the Ghosts’ mission and highlight their professionalism; and accompany key moments of the storyline or the player’s actions. Regarding the music selection process, we chose contemplative and ethereal music for exploration tunes, so that the player can feel there is no clear and present danger and that he can enjoy the beautiful vistas of the game. For stealth sequences, we wanted the player to feel the tension. The music has to help the player understand the danger is nearby and that he or she must be careful. And during fight sequences, music supported the action and rendered the violence the Ghosts are experiencing. Our game engine then determines which piece of music needs to play depending on what the player is doing.


- Do you have plans to make the Ghost Recon Network more interactive with the actual game/fixing bugs? (from Twigs_Dee and Kai_Emet on the forums)

Vivien Cauhépé: The Ghost Recon Network is in constant development and improvement. If you would like some features to be added, we have requested the community team to create a thread on the official forums. Please share your suggestions with us!


- How do the constructive criticisms, suggestions and requests in the Ubisoft forums influence the Wildlands team? (from OnkelHotte_1976 and NelsonScotty on reddit and the forums)

Emma Delage: First, thank you very much for all the constructive criticisms, suggestions and requests you share with us. The community and the customer support teams work hand in hand to share your feedback with the dev team. On the community team side, we are covering all the main community channels (forums, reddit, facebook and twitter) and we are providing regular reports to the dev team. The customer support team helps escalate player issues that we add to our “to fix” list. Based on these reports, the dev team regularly meets to discuss the priorities in terms of game improvement and fixes. The creative team who owns the vision behind the game takes the decisions, balancing player feedback and their vision for the game, and then the producer team make sure the developers implement these changes respecting the assigned deadline.

- Would it be possible to post "planned updates" as you are making them, so we can know what happens in the upcoming patches? Like Private Beta Environment patch notes in other games. Communicating with the player base is important! (rephrased - from Ehaugw on the forums)

Lucas Bonan: We totally agree on the importance of communicating with the player base. We are willing to give you more visibility on when the future updates arrive. However, as there are many last minute changes, we prefer keeping the patch details for when the patch is live. We are going to study how we could implement a Private Beta Environment structure.

- Is there any plan for the developers to be more involved with the community? Weekly update? (from Vindit on Reddit)

Emma Delage: Involving the developers with the community is exactly what we are doing with this Q&A. :) In terms of weekly updates, we update our known issue list almost on a weekly basis and the community team is here to answer your questions and share with you news from the dev team every time we can. For more information about the upcoming content, have a look at the roadmap we shared above.


For any questions related to bugs and other issues that you may face in game, please make sure to check our known issue list on the official forums. We regularly update this list with the latest game fixes and share with you what the dev team is working on. Still, if you see that the issue you are pointing is not part of this list, please do not hesitate to contact Ubisoft Support.

- Why have you released the game whereas some bugs are still to be fixed? (rephrased - from AlphaBlueLight, Duncan_101 and Seb-ff on the forums)

Nouredine Abboud: Games get better when they are played by gamers. Some of the bugs show up in specific situations, and what is important is that as game developers we react fast and make sure the game is as good as needed. We are fortunate to have dedicated and passionate fans and we are always striving to provide them with the best experience possible.

- Will the Whisper be fixed? (from Sam_Craft on Twitter)

Lucas Bonan: Yes, the fix should be implemented in a future patch.

- Any patch for the Weapon Fanatic achievement for the weapons? (rephrased - Sam_Craft on Twitter)

Lucas Bonan: We have the pleasure to tell you this bug has been fixed with our latest patch!

- Why are the flares still invisible during co-op play? (from DrWiki0074 on the forums)

Lucas Bonan: We are aware of this replication issue. The debug team is working on it!

- Why are some of your customers having to submit support tickets every week to get our Task Force Challenge rewards? (from DrWiki0074 on the forums)

Lucas Bonan: The customer support team told us about a bug with the challenge rewards system. We implemented a fix with our latest Title Update 4 patch.

This is the end of our Q&A. Again, thanks a lot to all the players who submitted their questions. As you can see, developing a game involves making tough choices, all the while doing our best to keep the pleasure in game intact. The development process involves many iteration, playtest and community workshop organizations before and after the launch of the game. On behalf of the development team, thank you for your continuous support.

If you still want to discuss the answers provided by the devs above, do not hesitate to go to our official forums .

For more intel on Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, please keep an eye on

To keep track of your stats and find other Ghosts to join your Taskforce, log-in to the Ghost Recon Network and download the Ghost Recon HQ App (iOS - Android).


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Guerrilla Mode: Developer Q&A

Learn more about the brand new PvE mode coming in Special Operation 4: Guerrilla Mode.

26/02/201906:00 PM

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Welcome to Special Operation 4

Get the first intel drop on Special Operation 4 coming February.

19/02/201905:00 PM

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Ghost Recon Wildlands Photo Mode Contest: the winners

It is time to announce the three winners from our very first Photo Mode Contest!

08/02/201905:00 PM

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