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28/07/2017 05:00 PM

The Ghost Recon Wildlands community members are not only expert infiltrators, strategists, and combat specialists, they are also fantastic cosplayers. We’re celebrating some of our favorite Ghost cosplayers and their incredible commitment to detail.

Ready to Roll Out by Hassie_0609

Ready to roll out

A Ghost has many tools at their disposal for any strategy to approach their target. While some prefer the silent approach, Hassie is content with heavy armor and enough firepower to take on an army.

Wildlands Operator by JonathanRL

Wildlands Operator

Able to fire at a moment’s notice, JonathanRL brings his Wildlands Operator to life with the gear and guns to make any mission a sure success.

Ghost by DBTheDivision

Ghost by DBT

Capturing the beautiful sunsets seen in-game, DB takes his Ghost cosplay out into the wilds to show us this fantastic silhouette on the way to his next objective.

Nomad by Adel Benyahia

Nomad Adel

Adel Benyahia strikes an imposing figure as Ghost Recon Wildlands’ Nomad. Long-range or close-range, he’s deadly at any distance.

Nomad by Kacper Szczepanek

Nomad Kacper

A cartel member in his sights, Kacper’s Nomad was in fighting form for Pyrkon 2017 in Poland.

Task Force by Dmitrys_Futa

Task Force by Dmitrys

Ghosts are deadly alone, but in a team – they’re unstoppable. Dmitrys and his friends head out to the Wildlands to show off their Task Force cosplay.

Finding Cover by Chris from DC5PHOTOGRAPHY

Finding cover

Inspired by Wildlands, Chris captures the intensity of a Ghost getting ready to begin her operation.

We’d like to thank our community for showing us their incredible talent! If you have a Ghost Recon Wildlands cosplay that you’d like to share with us, please tag us on Twitter @GhostRecon, using #GhostReconWildlands, or uploading it to the Ghost Recon Network.

For more intel on Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, please keep an eye on and be sure to visit our official forums as well as the subreddit.

To keep track of your stats and find other Ghosts to join your Taskforce, log-in to the Ghost Recon Network and download the Ghost Recon HQ App (iOS - Android).


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