Ghost War Intel Drop: Custom Games

19/09/2017 12:00 PM

During the Open Beta for Ghost War, the new PvP update for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, players will be able to set up and play custom matches with other players in their friends list, as an alternative to the traditional Quickplay mode.

Custom games follow the same format as Quickplay: you can play the same game mode in two teams of up to four players, but in custom games, players have access to an ample list of game settings that they can modify to their liking and try out variations of the default rules.

For example, you can:

  • - Modify game length by altering round time and the number of rounds played, in the "Best of X” format.
  • - Access the whole Quickplay map roster, as well the entire range of weather presets – clear sky, overcast, rainy, stormy, foggy – which can be played at any starting hour. Note that time of day is not locked at the hour you choose, but instead gradually advances, starting from the selected hour.

Combining these variables can lead to some interesting situations: players can, for instance, increase round times to favor even more methodical and positional play and experience the time of day transition (a round may start in the afternoon and end at night).

Additionally, custom lobbies allow you to experiment with core gameplay elements to alter your Ghost War experience significantly:

  • - Play with Recon Tower parameters – In Ghost War, the Recon Tower gives you a tactical advantage over your enemies by allowing you to detect their last known position when activated. Changing its parameters allows you to decide when the Recon Tower comes into play during the game, or you can deactivate it completely.
  • - Change the Supply Crates’ functionality – By default, interacting with them restores Ammo and Health, but you can have them restore only Ammo or only Health, or deactivate them completely if you want to play the hardcore way.
  • - Change whether Adrenaline Rush is triggered or not – When ON, the last living member of a team receives some short-term bonuses (HP regen, faster revive, immunity to suppression) to give their team an extra chance, like a Last Man Standing bonus.
  • - Switch whether Friendly Fire is in effect or not.
  • - Realistic Magazine Reload – By default, this is set to OFF, but players wanting that extra sliver of realism can activate this option, which, on reload, has players lose any ammo remaining in the replaced magazine. This means that players need to be more careful when reloading, as their ammo pool is limited and Supply Crates are scarce and risky to loot.

These options should enable players to better customize the level of realism and difficulty of their Ghost War experience.

On another topic, custom matches can be played in any team size, up to the four player per team Quickplay standard. While the optimal way to play Ghost War is 4v4, custom games will allow players to try out more compact formats (2v2, 3v3), settle the score on who’s the better player in 1v1, or see if players can beat the odds in asymmetrical matches (1v2, 1v3, 1v4).

Custom lobbies feature privacy settings. By default, lobbies are set to Open, so friends can easily join a player’s lobby. Alternatively, lobbies can be set to Private so you can settle that 1v1 challenge without being disturbed!

You can invite other players from all around the world from inside the custom lobby, and they can see and accept the invitation from wherever they are in the menus. A specific set of status messages are displayed inside the friends list, so players can see who’s in a custom match – so getting friends together in a custom lobby will be a quick and easy process.

While inside the custom lobby, players can swap between teams. If teams are full, you can still mark yourself and request to be swapped. A player from the opposing team can then also create a swap request, at which time the two will be swapped between teams.

Custom games also support joining on the fly, so if your group of friends is already playing a match, you can directly jump into the ongoing match and join them. Players jumping into an ongoing round will spectate and be able to help out their friends, spotting enemies and placing pings. Once the new round begins, they will be able to select a class, customize it, and play as usual.

The Open Beta for Ghost War will take place September 21–25 on all platforms (Playstation 4 system, Xbox One, and PC). For more on this event, go to the official Open Beta portal and be sure to visit our official forums to share your feedback, or join the Ghost War Open Beta discord channel to find other players to play with.

Also, make sure to share your Open Beta glorious moments with us by sharing them on Twitter using #GhostRecon or posting on the official forum's dedicated thread. The best streams or community creations will be highlighted on our official channels!


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