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Intel Drop: Ghost War Classes | Part 3

29/09/2017 09:00 AM

The release of Ghost War, the new PvP update for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Wildlands, is getting closer… It’s time to gather even more intel on classes that will be available when the mode launches! We already showed you all the indispensable choices and Ghosts loaded with firepower. Today, we would like to introduce you to new team members, who come with very useful skills for their squad: Medic, Ranger, and Tech.


Medics are one of the support classes and, as you might expect, they are here to help when a situation gets dire for a member of a team – or, perhaps, for all its members. Any character can go ahead and try to revive their downed companions – but it usually requires taking a huge risk, as enemies might just be waiting to trap you. Medics are the only characters who have a way around these risks – a medical drone. This drone can be sent in the air to resurrect eliminated allies while you stay safe in the shadows. Playing as one of the Medics, you can change the course of the match without being on the frontline.

Imagine this: the enemy team downed one of your squad member in the center of the map. Your allies are trying to get him back on his feet, but the enemies keep suppressing them to prevent it. Medics save the day by using their drone, piloting it to the eliminated friend and reviving him. The grateful player quickly runs for cover; he is back in the game!

If you worry that Medics will be only be useful when others fail, that is not the case. While the drone is definitely a Medic’s ace in the hole, it is not their only strength – Medics are very capable of bringing death to their enemies, with the help of assault rifles, pistols, and grenades. Medics are perfect for those of you who like to help your team with style.


Rangers are tough guys who can take advantage of many situations. This class is perfect for those who like to get involved in long-, medium-, and short-distance combat, depending on how the situation in a match evolves. Rangers, as marksmen, are equipped with sniper rifles. But unlike other marksmen, they can also wield SMGs. This set of weapons allows them to challenge others on almost every range. They also possess two types of grenades: frag and flashbang.

Imagine this: While you’re sniping enemies from afar, a Pointman tries to flank you. You see him at the last moment, switch weapons to your SMG, and successfully defend yourself.

Rangers are the only class who can carry weapons so effective on all ranges at the same time. It is an excellent class choice for those who like to use weaponry as their main strength in gameplay and to adapt their plans depending how the match evolves. Rangers are real jacks-of-all-trades.


Techs can change the situation on the battlefield and crumble your enemy’s plans to dust. They can set up a jammer that will make scouting by drone very difficult, depriving the opposing team of valuable intel. The jammer also does its job on Recon Towers, leaving your enemy nothing to depend on but their eyes.

However, bear in mind that your jammers can and will be destroyed if you do not position them carefully. Looking for the most unthinkable places to hide your jammer so your opponents never find it is part of the Tech’s job. The character comes equipped with a submachine gun, grenades, and mines.

Imagine this: Almost all of the opposing team is gone. The only one remaining is the Medic. She could use her drone to revive her teammates, so you place the jammer near her downed squad, forcing her out of the shadows in order to save them.

You will like Techs if you enjoy working in shadows, strategic thinking, and denying your enemies any advantage they can get with their technology-based perks.

We already introduced you to some of the characters that will be playable in Ghost War; you can find them in Part 1 and Part 2.

Ghost War is launching on October 10, so make sure you know which class you will be playing with when it comes out!

Ghost War is launching on October 10th on all platforms (Playstation®4 system, Xbox One, and PC). For more on this event, go to the official portal and be sure to visit our official forums to share your feedback, or join the Ghost Recon: Wildlands Discord server to find other players to play with.


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