Ghost War: What’s New Since the Open Beta?

10/10/2017 05:00 PM

Greetings Ghosts,

On behalf of the Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Wildlands development team, we wanted to thank all the participants of the open beta for Ghost War, which took place September 21–25.

We received tons of feedback from our open beta players, and we want to share the changes we made to the game following this test. If you want to know the changes that previously happened between the closed and open beta, please go to our dedicated forum post. Please note that we are also supporting Ghost War with a qualitative post-launch, with scheduled patches to improve the game’s balance and fix some bugs. We’re also adding elements such as new classes, new maps, and new game modes! Keep an eye on for more information about Ghost War.


What’s new

- Progression

Briefly introduced during the open beta where players could grind until level 11, the Progression system is now 100% operational. We estimate that you’ll need to reach level 50 to unlock everything – the rest is all about prestige. Good luck to those who want to reach level 999!

Your main source of XP is based on two types of activities:

  • - in-match actions such as kills, assists, revives, marks, headshots, etc. will earn you XP
  • - out-of-match XP will be attributed according to your number of match wins, completions, etc.

Gaining XP will allow you to unlock classes, perks, bonuses, or additional weapons. We estimate that you’ll need to reach level 50 to unlock everything – the rest is all about prestige!

Speaking of Prestige, if you’re used to the Tier 1 mode in the Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands campaign, we’re happy to confirm that it will also apply to PvP, in a slightly different way:

  • - Once you’ve reached level 50, you’ll be able to activate the Prestige system and its 10 Prestige stages. Each stage has 49 levels.
  • - When activating Prestige, your progression is reset to level 2, still allowing you to play with at least one other class, perk, or bonus.
  • - You will also start earning Prestige credits to unlock post-launch content such as the new classes and perks we’ll introduce later on.
  • - At each Prestige stage reached, you will receive three weapon paints as a bonus, applicable to all weapons.

- Marking

During the Open Beta, many players requested the option to remove auto-marking. We’re excited to announce that we’ve added an option to toggle off the auto-marking feature for those who want to play the hardcore way. In order to activate this option, go to your in-game settings. We are also looking into other hardcore elements, to be detailed later on.

Issues related to the open beta

We can also confirm that the two major issues some players were facing during the open beta are now fixed. The black screen issue that prevented you from matchmaking has disappeared, and we have also fixed the bug that allowed some players to start a match before the end of the countdown. On the audio side, the mute player option will now remain mute for all the rounds. Some players also had an issue where the sound was gradually muffled for some features after several consecutive matches. This is now fixed.


All 12 classes for Ghost War are now available. In addition to the Scout, Pointman, Tank, Enforcer, Sniper, and Artillery, we are now bringing the Assassin, Diversionist, Medic, Ranger, Sentinel, and Tech to the area of operation. You can learn more about these latest classes in our recent articles. Click here to learn more about the Medic, the Ranger, and the Tech; or here for the Assassin, the Diversionist, and the Sentinel. And, as promised earlier, more classes will come in the upcoming months – stay tuned.


Three new maps have been added for the launch, so players will be able to play on eight maps in total (and more will be coming post-launch):

  • - Mountain Village, which offers plenty of protection from detection and enemy fire, while a few rocky overlooks on its outskirts provide ideal positions for tactical recon. The combination of open fields and tight urban spaces allows for a variety of strategies and playstyles.
  • Mountain Village

  • - Dust Town, an abandoned village at the edge of San Mateo Canyon. Instead of being spotted on the main road, you could flank the enemy team from the upper hills or use any of the surrounding buildings – like the school – as a vantage point. Whichever approach you choose, recon will be the key to turning the tide of battle.
  • Dust Town

  • - Coca farm, where adepts of close-quarter combat will find all the cover they need in the dense rain forest and the farm it surrounds. But beware of the enemies who could easily escape your detection and take you by surprise.
  • Coca Farm

Regarding the maps you already know, we fixed an issue where the player could remain stuck between two trees on the Pilgrim's Retreat map, and we corrected the bounds of the Desert Outpost map to prevent players from getting out of bounds when joining a match in progress.


Our matchmaking system is performing well, with a success rate of 98% and an average join time of 27 seconds. As the quality of the matchmaking experience is important to us, please don’t hesitate to share your feedback on the official forums. During the open beta, we experimented with allowing players to create a private party and enter Quickplay alongside friends from different world regions (for example, America and Europe). We’re happy to confirm that we are keeping this feature for the final version of Ghost War.


We fixed several issues related to the PC version. Among the main ones, we solved the keybinds reassignment issue, where the keybinds would reassign different unused keys after manually changing two keybinds. Players who lost the ability to use their drone can now use it again, and we also fixed the error 20006 (cannot create service), where players could not start the game due to an EAC error.


The Ghost Recon Network got slightly revamped to welcome Ghost War. The home page now displays a slideshow with the most important news. Keep an eye out for exclusive community content!

You will now also be able to browse your Ghost War stats. To do so, have a look at your Ghost profile or check your task force or friend leaderboard.

We have also updated the Ghost Recon HQ app in order to bring the PvP maps to the satellite view. When playing a match, you’ll now be able to display the map on your second screen, see your teammates’ location and class, as well as their drones and the ones deployed by your enemies. You will be able to play like a real chess master and ping a location to your teammates or a specific ally to enhance your squad coordination skills.

You can download the Ghost Recon HQ companion app here for iOS and here for Android.


Following our Rules of Engagement, we have added one more step to improve the player reporting process. In order to help us gather evidence against a cheater, you can now help our team by adding screenshots and videos against a player on the Ghost Recon Network. For more information about the process, please read our dedicated article.

Many thanks to all the players who provided feedback during the open beta. The development team will continue working hand in hand with the community team in order to keep improving the game post-launch. To share your feedback on Ghost War, please go to the official forums.

Ghost War is available October 10 on PlayStation®4 system and Xbox One. The PC version will be available on October 12. For more on this event, go to the official portal and be sure to visit our official forums to share your feedback, or join the Ghost Recon: Wildlands Discord server to find other players to play with.

Also, make sure to share your glorious moments with us by sharing them on Twitter using #GhostRecon or posting on the official forum’s dedicated thread. The best streams or community creations will be highlighted on our official channels!


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