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Ghost Recon Legends: Day of the Skull – Part 1

08/11/2017 05:00 PM

The rich world of Bolivia in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Wildlands is home to many legends. We’ve enjoyed watching you find many of these hidden Easter eggs and take on our legendary challenges. Ghosts have worked together and on their own to find all eight of the Pachamama statues, to take down the elusive Yeti, to appease the spirits of the Brujas, and to fight the spirit of El Tio.

Today, we have a new challenge for you, Ghosts. November 9 is the Day of the Skulls in Bolivia, and to celebrate, we are bringing you a new legend with new rewards.

The Day of the Skulls festival is extremely important in Bolivian culture. Taking place one week after the end of the Day of the Dead festival, it is celebrated by paying tribute to the actual skulls of one’s ancestors, known as natitas. The natitas are adorned with flowers, hats, coca leaves, cigarettes, and money in order to honor them during this special time.

In the Bolivia of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Wildlands, a country in war against narco-terrorism, family and traditions play a key role in giving people hope. The Santa Blanca know this, and in order to squash any thoughts the people may hold in their hearts for a rebellion, cartel members have plundered the El Bosque Quemado Cemetery to prevent the celebration of the Day of the Skulls festival.

Your mission, Ghosts, is to give the people back their traditions and show the Santa Blanca Cartel where they belong – with the skulls. Each of the 21 missing skulls have been hidden in a different province of Bolivia. Over the next three weeks, we will release one video with hints to the locations of seven of the skulls every week. Find the skulls, bring them home, and collect the rewards.

Check out this week’s video below:


Make sure to share the challenge with your friends, as there is safety in numbers. Prepare yourselves, and good luck, Ghosts. The people of Bolivia are counting on you.

To learn more about Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, please keep an eye on and visit our official Facebook profile. We invite you to join the discussion on Twitter using @GhostRecon and on our official forums and Ghost Recon Discord channel.

To keep track of your stats and find other Ghosts to join your taskforce, log in to the Ghost Recon Network and download the Ghost Recon HQ App.


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