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One Year in the Wildlands

07/03/2018 05:00 PM

Ghosts, it has been a year since we first entered the Wildlands, and what a year it has been. We’ve loved watching you take on our Campaign, Ghost War and the extra content we’ve released since our launch. So much so, that we wanted to highlight some of our favourite moments in our 1st anniversary celebration video.

Thank you. For this past year, for your energy, for your feedback: we couldn’t have done it without you. Here’s to our 1st year anniversary!

Working Together | Our Ghost Recon Wildlands Community

Our community has been pivotal in creating and energizing Ghost Recon Wildlands. From workshops between our community and our Developers, to creating live streams together, let’s take a look at some of our moments together.

We invited eights members of our Ghost Recon community to our studio in Paris to have a first look at what we were working on for Ghost Recon Wildlands. Their feedback was invaluable for shaping the game: a huge thank you to Mattshotcha, AI Bluefox, Deosl, Kevin “Cortexian” Davies, I.T.K.5, Rocky, Ulukai and Frédéric for participating!

We invited community members to our Paris Studio to take a first look at our PvP mode, Ghost War. Working directly with our Developers, our invitees shared their feedback to help us finalise our PvP mode before its release. Thank you AmperCamper, AI Bluefox, Commando13010, Cortexian,DigitalHitmann, ITK5, PetraCat, Pinky, Rocky, S.V. and Ulukai for coming!

We held a six-hour long stream to preview our PvP mode, Ghost War, where Robomohawk, Krebser, Blackbeard and Eroktic from our Community Team took on the Development Team in an intense round of matches. We invited shoutcaster, Panky, to present alongside our Lead Game Designer, Lucian Istrate, and we also had four hours of pre-show content featuring Real-Time Commanders, SXVXN and Vadact.

Thank you, Ghosts. See you in the Wildlands.

Want to join the discussion on our anniversary? You can do so on this forum post. See you there!


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