Year 2 Questions & Answers

05/06/2018 05:00 PM

Hi Ghosts,

We recently announced a Year 2 for Ghost Recon Wildlands, kicking things off with our first of four Title Updates, Special Operation 1.

Each update will have a strong theme, upon which we will create PVE and PVP content. We will continue to update Ghost War, and additionally we will include community-requested features with every update.

To keep you guys up-to-date in-between our four updates, we’ll be sharing tons of content with you. Including Q&As with our Dev Team, behind-the-scenes pieces, our weekly Community Hangouts streams, GRN articles and more.


And here we are with our first Q&A of Year 2. We asked you to share your questions with us on our forums, and have gathered them together for this Q&A with our Senior Producer, Nouredine Abboud.


1. Why did you decide to do a 2nd year of content?

First of all, it was from seeing all of the incredible excitement and enthusiasm from our community for our post-launch releases. Since launching Ghost Recon Wildlands, we have introduced our PVP Mode, Ghost War, new maps and classes, 2 DLCs and of course some of our more recent PVE content, such as the Predator mission and bringing Sam Fisher to the Wildlands. Every time we have delivered new content, our community has been really engaged, so this is a big driver to keep on delivering. And of course as a Dev, you want to see your game live for as long as possible. So with over 10 million players now playing the game, and newcomers arriving every day, we want to keep the community entertained for as long as we can.

2. How do you decide upon new content for the game?

For each update, and especially for Year 2, we try as much as possible to have a good balance between PVE and PVP content. This is something we know our community wanted us to improve from Year 1, so it is definitely a priority for us this year. Next, we want to make sure all of our player base is engaged, from our veterans to newcomers, so we work on content that will appeal to all of this large audience. And of course, we want to ensure community feedback is being listened to, so we are adding community requested features with every update. As an example, AI Teammate Customization was a hugely requested feature that we added with our most recent update, Special Operation 1. Additionally, we scour our forums to get ideas for our content themes, such as our most recent cross-over with Splinter Cell. So keep on discussing guys, we’re listening!

3. How will you keep growing the playerbase and community?

In two ways. First all, by listening. Our community’s feedback is a huge deciding factor when working on new content. We want to make sure our players are enjoying the game so that our community will continue to grow organically. Secondly, we are looking into more opportunities to give all players access to Ghost Recon Wildlands through additional Free Weekends and promotions.

4. How do you input community feedback into new content?

Our Community Managers across the world are our eyes and ears on the ground. They are in constant, daily contact with our players, and share with the studio everything they see and hear. This community feedback is a huge driving factor for finalizing our roadmaps!

5. How will you keep on top of bugs in between these updates?

Our Community Managers keep a constant track of our bugs, and players can always contact our customer service if they are facing issues. If we ever became aware of a bug that is seriously impacting our players, we would of course deploy a hotfix in-between our updates to address it. We are also currently updating our Known Issues page where you can keep track of our bugs, but in the meantime, here is the link to our current page. 

6. Will there be more items/weapons added for customization in PVE?

Yes! We have seen the huge interest you guys have in customizing your Ghosts, so you can definitely expect more customization items to be added throughout Year 2.

7. Are you planning any PVE content beyond challenges?

We are yes, but it’s too early for us to share any details on that yet!

8. Will we ever have more use for our Prestige credits?

Actually, we are planning a revamp of our Prestige economy for Special Operation 2. So stay tuned.

9. Are you ever going to implement features supporting Custom Matches in Ghost War?

You can definitely expect more to come on those topics, starting with Special Operation 2.

10. Is there anything in the game that we have been asking for that can't be added?

Some requests would unfortunately require a big overhaul of the game engine, changing our whole approach. For example, a Mission Editor. The same goes for Bloused Boots: if we could simply add it, we would! But it actually requires a huge rework of our Charactersmith, which is also something we can’t envisage right now. But, this doesn’t mean we don’t have a ton of great content coming: our time and effort is being put into something else!

11. Anything else you want to share?

We are amazed and humbled by the community’s reception of Special Operation 1, and we are very much looking forward to entertaining you guys further in Year 2.

Thank you for reading, and be sure to keep on sharing your feedback with us on our forums! Until next time.


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