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Intel Drop: Ghost War Classes | Part 1

09/13/2017 12:00 PM

Now that the Santa Blanca Cartel has been dismantled, it is time to fight off Special Operations units from around the world as they try to take advantage of the situation and gain a foothold in Bolivia. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Ghost War will provide an immersive tactical player versus player experience. Communication, teamwork, and planning will be key in taking down your enemies.

Part of effective planning will be in choosing the best class for your team’s needs. Ghost War will offer twelve different classes divided into three categories: Assault, Marksman, and Support. Each class will have its own perks and bonuses. Today we are thrilled to share with you three of the twelve classes that will be available to choose from at launch.


The Pointman falls under the Assault category and is a great choice for aggressive players who want to lead from the frontline. The Pointman’s special ability is a passive immunity to the effects of suppression and of flashbang grenades. While others would have their vision disrupted by enemy fire or would be blinded by a flashbang, a Pointman cannot be disrupted in any way.

Combined with an excellent arsenal of high-power assault rifles, the Pointman’s immunities make them a favorite to win any one-on-one fight. Be cautious exposing yourself though, as their resilience is not particularly high. Dart in and out of conflict zones or stay near proper cover to compensate for this.


The Scouts fall under the Support category and provide highly effective recon, while still bringing serviceable firepower. Their main function is to provide recon for their team. The Scout’s drone is an effective tool in tracking down enemies and can be used to ensure constant map awareness for your team.

The special ability of the Scouts is a function of their drone, which will detect enemy’s movement within their viewfinder and display their last known position. The drone can detect motion through anything, including obstacles. Enemies can counter this by standing still while the drone is flying overhead, but this will certainly disrupt their plans. In addition, while other drones may be shot down quickly in the heat of battle, the Scout drone is very light and maneuverable, making it easy for the Scouts to avoid bullets long enough to tag enemies.


Snipers fall under the Marksman category and use a high-powered sniper rifle, which can instantly take out any target. Snipers excel at long-range engagements and are most effective when positioned at a distant vantage point where they can land methodical kills.

Snipers have access to bolt-action rifles that have the biggest damage output of all the Marksman classes. Not even walls can stop the Snipers: their unique ability is that they use high-penetration rounds that do not lose damage when going through an obstacle. Having this guardian angel looking over you will give you the tactical edge you need to conquer any enemy.

Pointman, Scout, and Sniper are only three of the twelve classes that will be available at launch. We are also planning on adding some more classes later down the road. You’ll be able to try out six of our classes during the Open Beta coming soon. Let us know which class you feel best fits your playstyle.

The Open Beta for Ghost War will take place September 21–25 on all platforms (Playstation 4 system, Xbox One, and PC). For more on this event, go to the official Open Beta portal and be sure to visit our official forums to share your feedback, or join the Ghost War Open Beta discord channel to find other players to play with.

Also, make sure to share your Open Beta glorious moments with us by sharing them on Twitter using #GhostRecon or posting on the official forum's dedicated thread. The best streams or community creations will be highlighted on our official channels!


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