Ghost War Events

12/10/2018 12:00 PM

What Are Events?

Accompanying the release of Special Operation 3, we will be launching a new Event system in Ghost War. Events are gameplay modifiers that apply to all Quickplay matches while active.

Each voting period will last two weeks, after which the most voted-upon option becomes active and lasts for 60 hours.

Gameplay Modifiers

Every two weeks you will be presented with two Event cards that you can choose between with your vote. These Event cards will capture a variety of unique and exciting modifications to regular Quickplay matches. You’ve never played Ghost War like this before.

We have a variety of Events ready for the Wildlands, so don’t forget to log in during the active weekends to try them out!

New Mechanic: Last Stand

Some Events will have a new mechanic tied to them called Last Stand. When Last Stand triggers, each second counts more than ever.

Players will be given a countdown of 10 seconds before Last Stand begins. When it goes into effect, all players become marked and begin bleeding.


You will receive the following rewards during an Event period:

  • • 200 Prestige Credits for voting
  • • 50 Prestige Credits per win

Accessing Events

The Ghost War menu will now have a new tab for Events. During the voting period, you will be able to select between the two potential Event cards.

During an active Event weekend, you’ll be able to see which event is active and get more information on the gameplay modifiers.

To take part in an active Event weekend, simply enter Quickplay. You will be able to tell when an Event is live and modifying Quickplay matches by checking the icon next to the Quickplay button.

To see what else is coming to PvP in Special Operation 3, check out our full Patch Notes. We’ll see you in the field, Ghosts.

To learn more about Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, please keep an eye on ghostrecon.com and visit our official forums. We also invite you to join the discussion on Twitter by tagging @GhostRecon or by using #GhostRecon.

To keep track of your stats and find other Ghosts to join your taskforce, log in to the Ghost Recon Network and download the Ghost Recon HQ App.


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