Guerrilla Mode: Developer Q&A

02/26/2019 12:00 PM

We sat down with Content Director and lead developer of Guerrilla Mode, Stephane Boudon to answer questions about the brand-new PvE mode coming to you in Special Operation 4.

Why did the team want to create Guerrilla Mode?

We’ve been thinking about a mode like this for a long time. For Year 2, we wanted to provide content for our hardcore players that like a challenge. Ghost Mode was a lot of fun for our team to tackle, but this experience is outside of the progression of your ‘normal’ campaign mission.

We wanted to make Guerrilla Mode an extension of the main campaign. Whichever character you choose to take on the waves of enemies will collect rewards. Guerrilla Mode was designed to be one of the most fun and efficient ways to gather these main campaign resources, such as XP, Tier Points, and Prestige credits. You can get all of those in this mode!

What makes Guerrilla Mode unique?

I would definitely say the progression. The design team immediately wanted to add something new that would make Guerrilla Mode unique. We decided on a shop with a currency specific to this mode. This shop allows the players to make tactical choices about which weapons, parts, and perks they unlock according to their skills and progression.

‘Should I buy frag grenades now or should I save my scraps for that shiny HTI sniper rifle?’ We wanted players to make tough choices!

My best tip for players is to specialize yourself, especially in co-op Guerrilla Mode.

What do you think players will enjoy about Guerrilla Mode?

I think they will really enjoy the challenge and a satisfying sense of progression, as well as the gratifying feeling of making impactful tactical decisions with the shop feature. I think they’ll also enjoy using the new PvE compass, one of the features requested by our community, to help coordinate between teammates.

How does difficulty-scaling work in Guerrilla Mode?

Difficulty in Guerrilla Mode works the same as it does in the main campaign. The difficulty mode you have selected in the main campaign will affect the difficulty of Guerrilla Mode.

As with the main campaign co-op, you will continue to play at the difficulty level you have selected regardless of what your co-op teammates have selected for themselves. The difficulty does not increase the number of enemies in the waves, but rather the enemy lethality.   

Will the Matchmaking sort me with other players looking to play a similar difficulty?

Our matchmaking system will try to find other players that want to play at the same difficulty as you.

You can launch the mode at any time with one to four players.

Can you play Guerrilla Mode solo?

Yes, you can play with or without teammates. If you have toggled off AI teammates on the character you choose in the main campaign, you will face the waves without AI teammates.

Can you play Guerrilla Mode offline?

Yes, in solo Guerrilla Mode. However, you will need to connect online to collect your Prestige Credits.

If I play with 1-2 friends, are the remaining teammates AI or do I enter into matchmaking?

As with the main campaign, you will not have AI in co-op mode. You can play with 1 or 2 teammates or enter into matchmaking to get a team of 4.

Please note that you will not be able to join a Guerrilla Mode session that is in progress.

What sort of weapons can you unlock in the store?

All customizable weapons are unlocked by default, regardless if you have unlocked them in the main campaign. However, in order to buy them you will need to collect scrap by defeating enemies.

Will you respawn if your character dies?

In co-op, if your teammates are still alive at the end of the wave, you will respawn during the next preparation phase.

If you die in solo, you will need to initiate a new session of Guerrilla Mode.

Do you get a reward of completing Guerrilla Mode?

Yes, you will get two customization items for completing all of the waves in Guerrilla Mode for the first time.

The XP, Tier Points, and Prestige Credit rewards will reoccur with continued play.

Please note if you disconnect from a session early you will not receive any accumulated rewards. 


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